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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover and withdrawals from your Grocery Bucks. You can determine which method you wish to use during the checkout process.
Q: What is the "Grocery Bucks" feature?
A: (Students) Students and Parents can pre-pay with account funds and earn extra Grocery Bucks. Pre-paying helps with budgets and ensuring that you have the nutrients you need to be successful academically. Parents can feel safe that there student is being provided a responsible and caring grocery delivery service.
A: (Families) This feature lets you deposit a budgeted amount of money into your account to withdraw against from your continual grocery purchases. Say if you only want to spend $400.00 a month on groceries, deposit that much in the beginning of the month and you'll be able to track how much you are spending throughout.
Q: Do you have a minimum order amount?
A: Yes, our minimum order amount is $30.00. You will not be able to checkout until your shopping cart amount is above $30.00.
Q: If I am a Buckeye, can I use Wolverine Grocery?
A: Of Course not. just kidding. Buckeyes have to pay double for all goods and services.
Q: How much time do I have to place my order before my requested delivery day?
A: Orders needs to be in by 11pm the day before.
Q: How do I cancel or change an order?
A: If you need to cancel or change an order, simply contact customer service before the 11pm deadline. Please leave your name, order number and address. There is no charge for canceling or changing your order.
Q: There is a problem with my groceries, what should I do?
A: We handle all customer complaints seriously. Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns about your groceries. Please understand you must contact us within 24 hours after your delivery if you have a concern about the freshness of our groceries. We require you to contact us within 48 hours if you feel an item is missing. Be assured we double-check all orders when they are picked up and before they are delivered. But our business rests entirely on delivering the highest quality of groceries so we always want to know if you are unhappy with your order.
Q: Do you sell alcohol or cigarettes?
A: No.
Q: Do you make substitutions?
A: Yes, from time to time an item you ordered may be out of stock. When this happens, we will either substitute it with a similar item or refund your credit card for the full amount.
Residential Students and Local Residents
Q: What is the delivery fee for Residential Students and Local Residents?
A: $2.99 for deliveries under $100.00.. Delivery fee is waived over $100.00.
Q: Why do you deliver to only certain cities?
A:With the number of drivers we currently have, we cannot service all of Washtenaw County in our slotted delivery times. As Wolverine Grocery grows, we fully intend on expanding our delivery availability to more cities and times. Please fill out the contact form with the comment of where we don't deliver, and we will contact you as soon as your area is part of our route.
Q: Do I have to be home when I want my food delivered?
A:Yes, local residents must be home when we deliver your groceries. It is imperative that local residents be present during the delivery time you choose. If you are not present during your delivery time, we will stop by at the end of our delivery route to see if we can find you then. If so you will be subject to an additional $15 redelivery charge. If you are again not home during our second attempt, you have until before 11pm the following day to call or email us at to reschedule for an immediate delivery. If none of these efforts are made, then the order is cancelled and you will be charged a $30 restocking fee.
Q: Can I have my groceries delivered to a different address than my own?
A:Yes. During the checkout process you will be asked for your delivery address. Simply change this address to the one you wish to have the delivery. Your selection will be delivered to the location you enter.
Q: Do I have to give an exact time of when I want my food delivered?
A:You will be given an option upon checkout of what date and what hour time slot you would like your food delivered. During this hour your food will arrive and we cannot specify if it will be the beginning or the end of the hour you will see our smiling driver.
Q: What do I need to become a member?
A:You will have to submit your name, email address, contact and delivery information, and an active debit/credit card to become a member. Your information will not be traded or sold. Your credit card will not be charged unless you request or you purchase groceries and are not present during delivery and/or redelivery.
Q: If membership is free, why do I need to put a debit/credit card down?
A:We require a debit/credit card for all members to protect our business. In rare cases where a significant amount of groceries are purchased and a customer is unavailable for delivery, we are left with significant losses. Having your information on file helps protect us from these rare cases. Your credit card will only be charged upon your request or for fees if you are not present during your chosen delivery time or cancel an order less than 2 days before delivery.
Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A:Contact us if you would like to cancel your membership.
Q: How do I change my profile?
A:Changing your profile requires you to be signed in. Once signed in, simply click the My Account tab on top of our website to access and edit your profile.
Q: How can I retrieve my username and/or password?
A:Retrieve your username and password.
Security & Privacy
Q: Do you sell or trade my personal information?
A:No we do not. We value your privacy and ensure your information is protected and only used internally to improve your experience. Your information can only be accessed when you sign in or by request.
Q: : What is Wolverine Grocery Privacy Policy?
A:Read our Privacy Policy.
Q: : How do I know my order is secure?
A:At, we want you to feel safe while shopping with us.. That's why we use the Komodo brand to verify our standing. Komodo verifies our address and business standing for your comfort. In addition they encrypt all of your personal information, including name, address and credit card number, as it is submitted to our Webserver. Once received, your personal information is stored in our secure data center.
Q: : Can I give you feedback/suggestions?
A:Your suggestions are what will make our business grow. We love to hear what you have to say about any facet of our business and encourage you to let us know any thought you have about Wolverine Grocery. Send any comments, suggestions, or feedback to us.

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